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Our profession is taxes; our expertise is knowing how YOU fit into the equation


Our clients love that they:

  • Speak to the person preparing their tax return

  • Leave with their completed tax returns

  • Don’t fill out endless organizers

  • Have their returns filed electronically, thereby preventing IRS typos

  • Receive their refunds in 10 to 15 days (at no additional cost)

Business Tax Preparation

Don't lose out on deductions and credits! You could save thousands of dollars with the right information - make sure your accountant knows YOU.


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Tax Planning

Rest a little easier knowing where your finances are headed. Save money for school, start your business, and plan for retirement with our knowledge and expertise.


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Income Tax Preparation

Whether you worked in 5 states last year, or have a child studying abroad, when we prepare your individual return, you can be confident your unique situation will be taken care of.


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We favor good connections as much as you do. Call us for a free initial consultation  and see if we're the right fit for you.
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