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Certified Public Accountants serving the Arizona community

David Oase CPA is an accounting firm providing personalized tax services for your individual needs. Based in Tucson Arizona, our firm has been serving individuals, startups, non-profits, and corporations locally and abroad for generations. We are loved for our level of personal attention not found at many accounting firms. Getting to know our clients individually provides superior results.  

Let us do the work, so you can focus on what’s important! 


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"I've used David Oase's services for about 15 years and everyone I've dealt with has been efficient, good at what they do, and very personable. They seem to remember from year to year the details of your file which make things go smoothly. Their customer service is great!"

Susan Hunter

"Great team and great service!!! They're great at keeping me on track (I need that) and focused. They also did a fantastic job helping me strategy around my tax planning. 5 stars, two thumbs up and a blue ribbon!"

Justin Karousky




Originally called The Tax Man, Ken Oase's business got a big boost 30 years ago when the Tucson Citizen sent an undercover reporter to his house to have his taxes prepared. The reporter compared Ken with three other accountants. The article entitled  "Nothing's Certain Except Death, Not Even Taxes" , showed the returns with vastly different results. Not only did the other preparers get the amount of taxes owed wrong, but their preparation fees were much higher.

At age 16, David Oase received his first computer - the IBM Datamaster (before the PC was popular) - it was only for preparing tax returns. During summer break, David started helping his dad's accounting business by writing a whole new bookkeeping program for the Datamaster. David worked alongside Ken until he passed in 2016.

David Oase
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